A cooperative entrepreneurship and learning research

We are working to implement the cooperation agreements between contractors in order to help each of them to carry out its projects, and thus put their resources at the service of members and the general public. Our members generally need services such as childcare and access to tools, experts and local.

Once in place, we want to support not only the projects of our Member contractors, but also their learning projects and those of members of their families.  Last start-up phase, we'll be in support of researchers in socio-economic matters, particularly for the lower Laurentians region.

Our common values included:

  • Decision making by consensus
  • The promotion of critical thinking and creativity
  • Secular humanism and community commitments
  • Appreciation of the natural world
  • Respect peaceful one for another

The apprentices-wise, a summer camp for children from 4 to 12 years old, was our first offer, with service beginning July 4. On the model of democratic learning centres, children have Word in decisions affecting them, including how they spend their time. They offer them interesting materials, guided activities and dialogues on topics such as literature, natural sciences and mathematics, many free games and one day or more per week on the outside. Parents and extended family are welcome to participate, play, or to work on their own projects.

For adults and families, in the coming weeks our members will begin to offer other services such as workshops, evenings music jam, business coaching and a 'repair coffee' monthly for people interested in 3D printing. These offers included that of Viva living, a company that works to teach people about living food and vegetable garden, from seed to plate, and offers a daily meal service. You can see some of our members and their projects listed here.

We expect to open a permanent facility in September. Then, this summer, we will be in St Eustache, Mirabel and in the vicinity of the lower Laurentians – to meet people, and to the implementation of the activities that have meaning for ourselves, our friends and… you.

For more information, write to us, or come and find us on Facebook.

A bientot!

Our co-op is growing! We invite you to consult this list of founding projects and our call for proposals of cooperative projects for more information.

The mission that is offered:

Together, inspire the development of entrepreneurial, micro-entrepreneurial projects, and learning through the sharing of resources and knowledge in an inclusive cooperative. Both premises such workshops, studios, gardens, and services such as Center of day, accounting, computer, and alternative medicine.